The Town of Bennett is laying the ground work for development. Recently the town has invested $19 million in infrastructure. This includes a new waste water treatment facility, a new elevated water storage tank and new town hall. All of these projects will significantly improve the availability, efficiency and functionality of the Town of Bennett. 

The Town of Bennett is laying the ground work for development. Recently, it has invested over $19 million in infrastructure, including a new wastewater treatment facility, new elevated water storage tank and new town hall. All of these projects have significantly improved the availability, efficiency and functionality of municipal services.

The Town is wrapping up the replacement of its aerated lagoon wastewater plant with a state-of-the-art modern mechanical treatment facility. The plant replacement allows the Town to meet the current requirements of its treated effluent discharge permit as well as anticipated future requirements, thus will allow the Town to help protect both public health and the environment. By replacing the existing leaking lagoons system, the Town can improve efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. The new facility positions the Town to reclaim and reuse precious water resources. The wastewater treatment facility came online in November in 2018 and was fully functional in January 2019.

The Town of Bennett moved into a new Town Hall in April 2018. This modern facility has significantly improved the availability and efficiency of town staff.  Previously, employees were working out of three different buildings. New Town Hall now serves as a central location for employees and residents. The 8,200 square-foot building allows for improved services and communication for residents whether they are trying to pay their water bill, obtain a permit, or attend a town board meeting. The space has room for future growth and was constructed with energy efficiency as the primary focus.

Bennett’s tallest landmark, the new elevated water storage tank, went into commission in October 2017. The 0.5 million gallon elevated water storage tank stands 197 ft. high and significantly improves the availability, reliability, and water quality of the Town of Bennett's water supply. The tank reduces the Town’s risk of water supply outages. It also improves reliable water pressure to our residents and businesses, and has upgraded fire flows for the Bennett Fire Protection District. The tank is visible from miles away, proudly serving as a new beacon of our community's pride and progress.

Following voter approval of the street improvement sales tax increase in November 2015, streets in many neighborhoods have been repaired or completely reconstructed. Improvements were also made to Kiowa Bennett Road between Highway 36 and the Antelope Hills subdivision. Previously, 88 percent of Bennett’s streets had surpassed their life expectancy, and only 2.19 miles of the streets were in fair or good condition while the other 11.65 miles of streets were in poor condition.

Along with these large scale infrastructure projects, the Town continues to improve their parks, trails and open space as well as growing the business and residential sectors. “This undertaking would be challenging even for much larger communities than Bennett, and the completion of each project was the direct result of significant hard work and unwavering commitment by a dedicated team, working together for the best future of the Town,” said Town Administrator Trish Stiles. All of these projects reflect the culmination of a long, arduous effort by the community and its strong leadership team.