Licenses, Permits and Tax Information

Businesses Licenses are required in the Town of Bennett. Every person shall obtain a business license from the Town before operating, conducting or carrying on any trade, profession or business within the Town. Applications for all licenses and permits required by any provision of this Code shall be made in writing to the Town Clerk. Each application shall state the name of the applicant, the permit or license desired, the location to be used, if any, the time covered and the fee to be paid.

For any further questions regarding Business Licenses please contact the office of Economic Development.

Town of Bennett Business License Application

Tax Information

The Town’s property tax rate is 11.95 mills.

The Town’s sales tax rate is four percent, with one percent being restricted to the sales tax capital improvement fund. The three percent of sales tax is the largest revenue source for the Town general fund. The sales tax rates collected in Bennett is as follows: 


State Sales Tax 2.9%
Adams County Sales Tax 0.75%
Arapahoe County Sales Tax 0.25%
Town of Bennett Sales Tax 4%